Our Staff

What Sets Our Caregiver Team Apart?

We have long recognized that the needs of our elderly and
disabled clients are constantly changing as they grow older

or experience various stages of medical issues. As such, we ensure that our team of caregivers and Home Health Aides are always up-to-date on the latest approaches to service and private care, both medical and non-medical. We work hard to remain qualified and certified according to all industry regulations—and we even pursue extra accreditations that aren’t required, just to prove we really mean business!

Every last one of our team members undergoes intense scrutiny and training through an exclusive and proprietary program only Avast In Home Care has access to. This way, when they arrive at your home to provide personal and professional care, you can rest assured you’re about to receive unparalleled service that no others in the industry can quite compare to.

Self Reliance Through Caring Service